“Julie was so very helpful at our baby’s birth. During my pregnancy, she recommended herbs and homeopathic remedies that were very effective for sciatic pain and hemorrhoids. During labor, I had a terrible pain in my back. The massaging Julie did was absolutely wonderful! She even brought a camera. I had forgotten to get mine back from my sister, so the only pictures I have are the ones taken with her camera. I will never forget the wonderful massages on my feet during labor and delivery.” – Marilyn

“Julie was very helpful in providing emotional support during the hardest part of my labor. She offered effective suggestions when I was unsure of what to do; she held my hand and praised and encouraged me through a very difficult delivery.” - Stacey

“Julie was professional and supportive. She came well prepared and was very attentive to my wife.” – Torrence

“Julie’s assistance during my labor, delivery and postpartum was so helpful and comforting. Her presence was appreciated by my entire family. She is definitely highly recommended by us!” – Mary


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